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  • Office Germany / Hamburg
  • Boltenhof Mattentwiete 8
  • D-20457 Hamburg
  • phone.: + 49 (0) 40 / 41 46 45 - 0
  • fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 41 46 45 - 44
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COELER LEGAL is an international law firm with its main office in Hamburg, Germany. Branch offices are located in Milan, Italy and Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a strong partner with our clients in their legal and tax matters, whether of a business or personal nature. Our international experience and in depth specialisation in specific areas of the law means that you have expert lawyers, tax advisors and accountants at your side. In addition to a high level of legal competence, we have a capacity for assertiveness and the power to persuade on your behalf. These are precisely the personal strengths possessed by the legal advisers from COELER LEGAL. Working closely with you, we tailor our advice to your circumstances, and make our expertise available to deal with any legal dispute. Our mutual success results from our close cooperation.

It is our usual practice to accompany you through all phases of any project or dispute in which you might be involved, always working professionally, and as your partner, to solve your legal issues. We are a member of several networks of law firms with offices in almost every country in the world. These resources enable us to continue the representation of our clients with local expertise in the increasingly complex world of international business.

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